5 Questions For Musicians in China

1. Why are you releasing an album on a record label? Because you’re not going to make any money.

2. What do you think makes a concert great for the audience? Because its not playing the same songs the same way every time.

3. Are you willing to ditch your influences? Because we can see them.

4. What makes you exceptional? Because if you’re not, then no one will care.

5. Do you care about technique or expression? Because you need to care about both.

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One response to “5 Questions For Musicians in China

  1. I think these questions hold true for Chinese musicians looking to break into the international scene – otherwise Chinese punters seem so completely undiscerning that you could re-release any Western Euro-pop album and put Chinese faces on the outside and it would be deemed fantastic by the locals. China’s music scene (at least in Guangdong province) is just depressing.

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